Trustees and Priests

1takehara-new Venerable Chimyo Takehara
Head Priest of Shogyoji Temple and Chairman of the London Shogyoji Trust (1997 – Present)
Based at Shogyoji Temple in Fukuoka Venerable Chimyo Takehara has been guiding Shogyoji and all of it’s branches since 1967.
2taira Rev. Prof. Kemmyo Taira Sato
Trustee of the London Shogyoji Trust and Director of Three Wheels
(1997 – Present)
Professor of Western and Buddhist Philosophy and Visiting Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Reverend Professor Kemmyo Sato continues to provide pivotal support and direction for all activities that take place at Three Wheels.
3john Professor John White CBE
Trustee and Honorary Secretary of the London Shogyoji Trust
(1997 – Present)
Former Vice-Provost of University College London and Professor of History of Art. Professor John White’s encounters with Shogyoji were instrumental in the establishment of Three Wheels and the Stone Garden.
7oga Mr. Reitaro Oga
Trustee of the London Shogyoji Trust
(1997 – Present)
Mr. Reitaro Oga is a Responsible Trustee of Shogyoji Temple. His family’s relationship with Shogyoji dates back 400 years. In approximately 1590, an ancestor of Mr. Oga became a follower of a Buddhist priest Ryoen, and donated approximately 1000 square meters of land in Futsukaichi for the building of Shogyoji Temple.
4steven Dr. Stephen Montgomery
Trustee of the London Shogyoji Trust
(1997 – Present)
Dr. Stephen Montgomery, a former Lecturer at University College London in the department of Mechanical Engineering, was one of the founding members of Three Wheels.
12kaori Mrs. Kaori Punwani
Trustee of the London Shogyoji Trust
(2003 – Present)
Mrs. Kaori Punwani is daughter of Mr. Kenji Toda. Her responsibilites include coordination of activities for younger members of the sangha.
nagase Prof. Hideaki Nagase
Trustee of the London Shogyoji Trust
(2005 – Present)
Hideaki Nagase is former Professor of Oxford University, UK. While he investigated biochemical causes of cartilage destruction in arthritis, he studied Buddhism.
ida Mr. Izumi Ida
Trustee of the London Shogyoji Trust
(2005 – Present)
Mr. Izumi Ida is the former Chairman of the Mizota Corporation and a graduate of the Law Department of Tokyo University. He is also the former Chairperson of the Saga Prefecture Public Safety Commision. Currently he is a resident of Toho Taya, Shogyoji Temple, Japan.
etsuko_crellin Mrs. Etsuko Crellin
Trustee of the London Shogyoji Trust
(2007 – Present)
A long-time member of the Three Wheels, together with her husband, Mr. Anthony Crellin, has, in addition to giving constant help to Hiroko Sato, on her own initiative founded the organisation of the Friends of Three Wheels. She also had the Zen garden included in the National Gardens Scheme, the first four official Openings taking place in the Spring of 2007.
andrew_w Mr. Andrew Webb
Trustee of the London Shogyoji Trust
(2009 – Present)
Andrew is a member of the editorial committees for the Three Wheels Newsletter and website. Andrew assists Three Wheels with organising many of its regular activities such as the Shokai Retreat and London Eza meetings. Andrew has a particular interest in interfaith dialogue.
dilly_suzuma Mrs. Dilly Suzuma
Trustee of the London Shogyoji Trust
(2014 – present)
Mrs Dilly Suzuma, the British widow of a Japanese national, is a UCL modern languages graduate and English language coach. Having hosted the director when he first came to live in London, she has been a well-wisher of Three Wheels ever since its inception.
hiroko Mrs. Hiroko Sato
Former Honorary Treasurer of the London Shogyoji Trust
(1997 – 08.12.2018)
The late Mrs. Hiroko Sato dedicated her life to Three Wheels. She was the wife of Reverend Sato and was responsible for managing all practical aspects of daily living and special events at the Three Wheels houses and giving wise counsel, when needed, to all who visited them.
kenshin_hiroshi_ishii_copy3 Rev. Kenshin Hiroshi Ishii
Deputy Director of Three Wheels
(2006 – Present)
Rev. Ishii came to UK in February 2006. He supports the director by organising most of activities at Three Wheels. Through his own religious experiences, he guides Dharma friends in Sangha.