Requested Ceremonies

Three Wheels holds private ceremonies by request including weddings, funerals and memorial services. The following are a brief outline of these ceremonies which are all held in the Shin Buddhist tradition.

Wedding Ceremonies: Shinran Shonin, the founder of Shin Buddhism, was the first Japanese monk to officially marry. Committed Shin Buddhists have their wedding ceremony held at a temple and receive the teaching on the meaning of marriage in our tradition by the priest who administers the ceremony. It is very important for us to remember the meaning of marriage and, with a respectful heart towards each other, go forward together in life with our lifelong companion.


Funeral Ceremonies: In U.K., these are usually held at the Crematorium and the timing of the service depends on the arrangements made by the family for whole funeral ceremony. Following our Buddhist tradition, the departed can be given a Dharma name (Buddhist name) based on their personality or an important and meaningful part of their lifestyle. Funeral and memorial services are an important time for us to express our gratitude for everything that has been done for us by the departed person.


Memorial Ceremonies at Three Wheels: In Japanese Buddhism in general, memorial ceremonies are held on, or on the eve of, the 49th day, one year (一周忌), two years(三回忌), 6 years(七回忌)and 12 years(十三回忌)after the day of passing. The ceremony can be held by request at Three Wheels.


Memorial Ceremonies at your home: Alternatively Three Wheels’ priests can visit your home in order to conduct the memorial ceremony in front of your home Buddhist Shrine (佛壇).


The very first service at Three Wheels to bless new born babies: This ceremony is also in the Japanese Buddhist tradition. The new baby is brought by his or her parents to the temple in order to express gratitude to Buddha and receive his blessing for the new life that has been given.


Please contact Three Wheels if you would like to request a private ceremony.