Dharma Words by the Head Priest

Every day at Shogyoji the Head Priest leads a service to the Buddha. Following the service a meeting is held where individuals reflect upon themselves through listening deeply to the words of others. The Dharma Words section is a compilation of short passages written by Venerable Chimyo Takehara, the Head Priest of Shogyoji, which reflect such encounters.


Fragrant Light

Faith meetings ever deepen the sense of encounter between individuals. When asked to make a comment at a meeting, the words spoken by an individual not only have personal significance but often touch upon an experience that is universal to each of us in our daily lives. The Fragrant Light section is a collection of these words.



Talks given by priests and various friends of Three Wheels. Talks on their experiences, Buddhist texts and daily living.



A selection of poetry written by John White (Haikus and Wakas) and other members of the Three Wheels Samgha.