Event: Garden Open Days


As part of the National Garden Scheme (ngs), Three Wheels annually opens its Zen garden to the general public on two weekends.

The garden was designed by a English professor who was a pro provost of University College London at the time of creating the Zen Garden.

The garden is very much popular with not only Japanese but also western people and it is said that as if you are in Kyoto, Japan.

On the open days, entrance fee (3 pounds) is collected and all of them will be donated for charity trusts through ngs.

Also, Japanese tea ceremony is held each day.

英国ナショナルチャリティーの1つ、ngs(ナショナルガーデンスキーム)に登録されているThree Wheelsの石庭は、1995年~1997年、当時のUCL大学副総長によってデザインされ、一つ一つ手作業で一年半の歳月をかけて造られました。