Event: The 134th London Eza, incorporating the Annual Ceremony to pray for World Peace and Reconciliation


Regular meetings known as London Eza are planned to take place every two months. Every August London Eza is held incorporating the annual ceremony to pray for world peace and reconciliation.

Buddhist Ceremony to Pray for Peace and Reconciliation
This will be held at Three Wheels with both British and Japanese war veterans and members of the Burma Campaign Society invited to attend.

Held from 1:30 pm to 4 :00 pm

二ヶ月に一度行われる法話会です。毎年八月のロンドン会座は、日英和解と世界平和を願う会として、旧英日戦士やその遺族も集まって会合が行われ、Three Wheels 主管の佐藤顕明師より仏教の観点から「平和と和解」について法話があります。