Welcoming special guests from Japan to the 125th London Eza

Following a very special discussion that Professor John White and Reverend Kemmyo Sato had with Venerable Chimyo Takehara this November whilst visiting him at Shogyoji, Venerable Takehara came to a lightening decision and is actually sending two Dharma friends from the temple, Mr Michiaki Konya and his wife, Toako, to our next London Eza, with the specific purpose of promoting spiritual exchange between Dharma friends in Japan and those in the U.K. Mr Michiaki Konya is a devout Shin Buddhist who, with deep humility and respect for others, has been working for a very long time now at the temple office, helping resolve problems both for individuals and the community at large. His wife, Toako, also works for the Shogyoji Samgha, and is in fact Reverend Kemmyo Sato’s younger sister.

Do please join us at the forthcoming Eza to enjoy further international spiritual encounter with these friends from Japan.

All of us at Three Wheels are much looking forward to your visit to our next London Eza to be held on 6th December 2015.

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