Gyosen Taya – 2009

When No. 57 Carbery Avenue was bought in 2007 to act as a Taya House, it was decided that it should be called Tenrin, or Turning Wheel, Taya. This was a reminder that when the Three Wheels of the Donor, the Pure Gift and the Receiver are in harmony, the Great Wheel turns.

Now, the Taya house just down the road at No. 43 Carbery Avenue has been given the name of Gyosen, or Ferryboat, Taya, a recognition of every Buddhist’s burning desire to reach the Far Shore of the measureless sea of existence.

This second Taya House is vitally important for the future of Three Wheels for several reasons.

Firstly, there is the need to accommodate the students and helpers at the annual Spring School, whose numbers are expected to increase next year.

Secondly, the numbers attending the twice yearly Shokai Retreat has already surged, being attended by up to a total of twenty-two devotees.

Thirdly, there is every reason to believe that this second Taya House will greatly encourage followers of Shogyoji to come to London to visit Three Wheels, now that it will be much easier to accommodate them in a true Shin Buddhist environment.

Lastly, but by no means least, it is a development, which, it is hoped and fully expected, will mark a notable new phase in the religious activities of Three Wheels.

Gyosen-Taya-2009Gyosen-taya’s garden.

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