Tenrin Taya – 1997

In 1997, a large semi-detatched house, together with it’s garden, at No. 43 Carbery Avenue, was bought to form Tenrin Taya, a second Taya House for Three Wheels, both for the long-term occupants and as short-term accommodation for the constant stream of visitors, mainly from Japan, who come to London every year.

Then, in April 2007, The identical, next-door, detached house and garden at 57 Carbery Avenue was acquired to re-house Tenrin Taya and to facilitate a closer approach to the Buddhist concept of the Taya, and No.43 Carbery Avenue is kept as a second Taya house. Both are wholly devoted to furthering the essential religious purpose of Three Wheels by providing a place where people can gather to listen to the teaching of Shin Buddhism and encounter one another in the Light of the Buddha.


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