No.1 On Reciting the Nembutsu

The moment when our longing for salvation changes to gratitude for all the Buddha has given us, that is nembutsu.

The nembutsu, as an expression of gratitude, embodies the very essence of Pure Land Buddhism – not the nembutsu one recites after the attainment of faith but the nembutsu of Other-Power-Faith itself.

Our daily lives are full of sufferings and pressing problems. That is how we truly see our lives.
When we determine to rise above our problems and difficult circumstances and make them instead the turning point of our lives, that shows the “faith” of non-retrogression.

To live our lives in nembutsu means to move forward saying “welcome, welcome” to any problems we may encounter in everyday life, facing the future with courage and supported by others both now and in the past.


Chimyo Takehara
August 2002



日常は、苦しみや、解決を迫る足元の実際問題ばかりですが、これが生活者の実感です。 難題や、逆縁を私の転機と心得て、さぁ、乗り切ろうと決意できた瞬 間、それが不退の「信」でありましょう。 生きた念佛生活は、現実問題にぶつかることによって、未来への勇気と、背後から援護を感じながら、「ようこそ、 ようこそ」と前に進むことです。