No.14 On Here and Now

The chief representative of Shogyoji Temple, a direct descendant of the man who built Shogyoji four hundred and thirty years ago, told us that it was at the last Summer Training Assembly that he first came across the idea that the ‘significance of existence’ in the here and now was the true foundation of the ‘meaning of life.’

For him, he said, the ‘significance of existence’ was simply the fact that he had born in this country of ours, something he felt strongly whenever he came to 920 Futsukaichi, the address of Shogyoji Temple.

This ‘significance of existence’ the chief representative speaks of turns out to be the same for every Dharma friend and thus extends to all the followers of the temple.
One certainly gets a sense here of how daily conversation amongst Dharma friends can give rise to sacred teachings.

Chimyo Takehara
September 2003