No.52 the nembutsu of The Original Vow

Coming across Honen Shonin’s simple observation that we should leave the nembutsu of the Original Vow to stand on its own and not try and add anything from our side, such as ‘wisdom’, ‘observing precepts’, ‘awakening boidhi-citta’, or ‘love and compassion’, has suddenly made me realise the truth. These are golden words addressed to every one, be they lay people or ordained priests.

Humbly and respectfully
Chimyo Takehara

「本願の念佛には、ひとりだちをさせてすけ(手助け)をささぬ(さしはさまぬ)なり。すけというは、智恵をもすけにし、持戒をもすけにさし、道心をもすけ にさし、慈悲をもすけにさす也」という法然上人の常の仰せにあって、目からウロコが落ちました。出家在家を問わぬ金言ですね。