No.54 On Living the Path of the Buddha

After having received true faith, we will live nembutsu life without retrogression throughout our lives, bearing in mind the first experience of attaining faith as our starting point. This is, I believe, the way we live our Buddhist faith. Buddhism is not a religion seeking after the fruit of Buddhahood, but thoroughly living the Path of the Buddha.

Whenever you come across spiritual cul-de-sacs, you should listen to Dharma friends, or “all Buddhas”, carefully and humbly. Then you will surely regard those cul-de-sacs as the spiritual doorways to go forward. Buddhism is indeed a life-long path of practice. On your way, should you not fail to bear in mind the very moment of awakening of taking refuge in Triple Treasure, you will never be forsaken but saved by Amida-Buddha even if you happen to face and suffer worldly discordances and obstacles.

Humbly and respectfully
Chimyo Takehara