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No. 1
The Head Priest states, “Namuamidabutsu is your own name, it is you that it calls.”

「南無阿弥陀佛」は、呼びかけられている自分の名前    (住職の言)
No. 2
The Head Priest stated, “What is important is the pure act of giving. It is when you forget yourself and think of others that the Buddha starts to work within you.”

「布施と行」が要。自分を忘れて、人のことを思う時に、佛は用らき出す    (住職の言)
No. 3
At a memorial service the Head Priest declared one day, “We usually say that the deceased has gone back to the Pure Land. What is important, however, is that his passing makes us aware of being given the time and space in which to be awakened to ourselves.”

故人が、お浄土に還られたというが、大切なのは、残された私が自己に目覚める時と場を、「今」たまわっているということである    (ある法事にて住職の言)
No. 4
A Korean monk, Venerable Hongjae, says that, whatever you study, whether it be Buddhism or calligraphy, if you pursue your studies thoroughly, the aim of your life will change.

佛道も書道も、極めれば、「人生の目標」が変わり得る    (韓国僧・弘薺師の言)
No. 5
The Head Priest said at a morning assembly, “At the moment of awakening we find that all the illusions of past, present and future are gone.”

「発心」の時、過去・未来・現在の「妄想」がなくなっている    (朝の会座にて住職の言)

No. 6
The Head Priest stated at a meeting, “It is only when you are not attached to the self-centered discrimination between good and evil that the nembutsu wells up from within.”

お念佛が出てくださるのは、善悪の区別することがない時である。  (会座にて住職の言)
No. 7
The Head Priest observed at the Winter Training Assembly, “Because those whose only concern is themselves do not understand the minds of others, they are incapable of listening when others speak to them.”

「自分のことばかりしか知らない者は、人の心を知らぬが故に、人さまの意見が聞こえてこない」    (錬成会にて住職の言)
No. 8
The Head Priest stated at a meeting, “Having a heart full of peaceful joy leads you quite naturally to feeling grateful for everything.”

心底からの潤いは、「おかげさま」という心になること。    (会座にて住職の言)
No. 9
At the Annual Commemoration of the Founding of the Temple, Reverend Harutaka Aso, a Shinto priest, said in his talk, “There are two words in particular that people have got out of the habit of using nowadays: mottainai (too good for me or us) and arigatai (feeling grateful). On entering this temple both these words spring to mind again very naturally.”

現代人が使わない言葉に「勿体ない、有り難い」がある。このお寺に来ると、その言葉が自然に甦る。    (建立記念日にて阿蘇治隆禰宜様の言)
No. 10
The Head Priest stated at a meeting: “The underlying problem of modern Japan is family. Not only the government but parents too are troubled by the problem and don’t know how to deal with it. There can be no long lasting solution to the problem other than for parent and child to show mutual respect by actually bowing to one another.”

日本の底にある問題は、「家庭」である。国も親もそれを動かせないで苦しんでいる。根本からの解決は、親子が頭を下げ拝み合う以外に、確実な道はない。    (会座にて住職の言)