111 to 120

No. 111
The Head Priest said, “Entering a taya house is leaving home. It is the fulfillment of all our lifelong karmic conditions.”

多屋入りは、出家の心。人生の縁の成就。    (住職の言)
No. 112
“I was very much relieved when I heard my daughter say ‘I would like to go to the temple’.” (From a Dharma friend’s letter.)

「お寺にお参りしたい」との娘の言葉を聞いて、私は救われた。   (お同行の手紙より)
No. 113
The Head Priest said, “We should not think that our parents’ virtue of pronouncing the nembutsu will bring us good fortune. From the bottom of their hearts our parents wish us to be awakened to faith. ”

親の念佛の功徳は自分を幸せに導いてくれると思ってはいけない。親は子の私の発心をひたすら願って下さっているのです。    (住職の言)
No. 114
The Head Priest said, “When we become aware of our ignorance, our words will regain their original vitality.”

「自分は愚か」という思いがあると、交わす言葉自体が蘇生してくる。 (住職の言)
No. 115
A taya resident said, “I was impelled to enter the taya, as otherwise I would never have had the opportunity to understand.”

「多屋に入らないとわからないから入れて頂きました」と。  (多屋住人)
No. 116
A young man who saw his grandfather at the very end of the old man’s life stated, “A few days before my grandfather’s death he said ‘Namuamidabutsu’ over the phone to my mother, who replied ‘Namuamidabutsu, Namuamidabutsu. Thank you very much.’ For  me at that moment the whole family became one.”

往生前、祖父は電話で「南無阿弥陀仏」と称えました。ロンドン在の母も「南無阿弥陀仏々々、ありがとうございます」と、応えました。僕の家族の全てがそこに集約されていました。    (祖父の最期を送った青年の言)
No. 117
A follower living at Kasugayama said, “Shin Buddhism rolls forward with worldly law and the Buddha-dharma as its two wheels.”

浄土真宗というのは、王法と佛法が両輪になっているですね。   (春日山在住のお同行)
No. 118
Reverend Kojun Shinohara stated, “The Kyogyoshinsho is an anthology of the teachings written by the patriarchs who Shinran Shonin himself revered.”

『教行信証』は、聖人ご自身の御先達のお言葉が収集された金言集。  (寺内・孝順師)
No. 119
Reverend Kojun Shinohara stated, “You can learn how your own mind can be softened and harmonized with society not only from Buddhism but also from the Confucian classics of Etiquette.”

「自身の心が和らぎ、社会に学ぶ」という教えを儒教の礼学からも学べます。 (寺内・孝順師)
No. 120
Professor Shin Hyeon Ha said, “True ‘freedom’ is something that bears fruit within you. What you yourself think of as freedom actually ends up binding you.”

本当の「自由」は、人の中にあって実るもの。一人が自由だと思っているものは、結局、不自由なものに拘束されてく。    (韓国・申先生の言)