121 to 130

No. 121
The Head Priest said, “To tell a lie is to lose your own personal faith.”

嘘をついたら信仰はなくなってしまう。    (住職の言)
No. 122
A Korean girl student staying at the Tokyo Dojo said, “Whilst living in a taya house in Japan I was embraced by the warmth of those around me. One night I was moved to tears at having received so much kindness. My stay in the taya house for those three months is a memory I shall never forget.”

日本での多屋生活は、人々の暖かさに包まれていました。多くの親切をもらって、嬉しくて一人で泣いた夜もありました。多屋生活の三ヶ月間は、生涯忘れられない思い出です。    (東京道場止住の韓国人留学生・李知映さん)
No. 123
A Dharma friend in the Kanto District said, “On listening to the Buddha-dharma I was deeply shocked to discover that there were certain problems I was quite unable to solve by my worldly knowledge and that all that I took for granted should not in fact be looked at in such a way.”

佛法を聞く身にさせてもらい、人生で解決できない問題を知り、当たり前と思っていたことが当たり前でなかったと身に堪えました。    (関東同行の言)
No. 124
A mother living in Kitakyushu said, “When I witnessed my son suffering so much following an accident, I felt like dying. With all my heart I wished I could change places with him. Only then it became clear to me how much I had, in the past, simply pretended to be a good parent.”

息子が事故に遭い、苦しむ姿を見て、生きた心地がしなかった。替われるものならと必至に願ったとき、今まで自分がいかに親顔をしていたか、その姿がハッキリ見えました。    (北九州在在のある母親の言)
No. 125
On Shomyo-bo’s return to the temple from London, the Head Priest said, “When one’s past is clearly illumined, one is awakened and lead to renounce the world (to leave home). Living with this awakened mind is attaining birth in the Pure Land.”

自分の過去がはっきりと照らされる時、出家発心の心を賜る。その心で生活することが往生浄土に外ならない。 (ロンドンより清明坊帰寺に際して、住職の言)
No. 126
On Shomyo-bo’s return to the temple from London, the Head Priest said, “Forgetting what we have been given in everyday life, expecting too much of the future or being caught up in our past — that is the reality of our daily lives!”

足下のご恩を忘れて、未来を見たり、過去に拘泥したり……これが私の毎日の実相です。    (ロンドンより清明坊帰寺に際して、住職の言)
No. 127
On Shomyo-bo’s return to the temple from London, his grandmother, Mrs Kayo Hatae, said, “When I was awakened to the fact that I live my life based solely on what has been done for me, my whole being became embraced by Namuamidabutsu. I feel ashamed of my past when I depended solely on my own intellectual knowledge.”

ただご恩だけで生かさせて頂いていることに気づいた時、我が身を南無阿弥陀佛におさめとって頂きました。観念ばかりだった私が、お恥ずかしい。  (ロンドンより清明坊帰寺に際して、祖母・波多江かよさんの言)
No. 128
Professor Shin Hyeon Ha declared, “My relationship with Shogyoji is something that embraces me. I have been grateful for it every single day .”

私と正行寺とのご縁は、大きな懐に包まれているものでした。感謝の日々でした。    (韓国・申先生の言)
No. 129
The Head Priest said, “The essence of Buddhism in all its aspects is simply to ‘act’. Even though you may say good things, your true value ultimately depends on what motivates you to act and on what you actually do.”

佛教はどこまでも『行』。いくら口でいいことを言っても、結局はどういう動機でどういう行動をしているかにかかっている。    (住職の言)
No. 130
The Head Priest said, “Our challenge to become like that person we admire may make us rivals but never enemies.”

「あの人のようになりたい」というチャレンジは、ライバルはあっても敵はない。 (住職の言)