21 to 30

No. 21
The Head Priest stated at a monthly Dharma meeting, “The source of peace is none other than my own true encounter with myself.”

私一人の本来的出会い以外に平和根本はありません。 (聖人御逮夜法座での住職の言)
No. 22
The Head Priest stated at a women’s assembly, “Understanding that our ignorance is innate, we can ask about life from this awareness. Then a new door will open in our lives.”

私どもは、生得的無知(生まれながらにして無知)と知り、何も知らないという心底であらためて問うことができると何かが開けてきます。    (婦人会にて住職の言)
No. 23
A lecturer said in his talk given at a monthly Dharma meeting, “There is a saying, ‘Listen to the Buddha-dharma through every pore of your body!’ What it actually means is that only the understanding gained in this way is genuine.”

佛法は毛穴で聞けというが、毛穴から入ったものだけが本物という意味です。    (聖人御逮夜法座にて講師の言)
No. 24
The Head Priest stated at a women’s assembly, “Encountering your original self does not mean you remain selfish. If you have attained faith you can go beyond personal selfishness.”

本来の自分に会うということと、わがままは違います。「信」あれば、わがままは超えられます。    (婦人会にて住職の言)
No. 25
The Head Priest stated at a monthly Dharma meeting, “Where Dharma friends recite the nembutsu, there begins our future.

お同行の姿、念佛の声があるところにはすでに未来が始まっている。    (聖人御逮夜法座での住職の言)
No. 26
The Head Priest said at a monthly Dharma meeting, “You may tell a lie to help others, but never to protect yourself.”

嘘は、人を助けるときだけに用いるもの。自分を守るために使うものではない。    (聖人御命日法座での住職の言)
No. 27
The Head Priest said to a young priest at a morning assembly, “My Dharma friend, it has been decided that you are now to enter a temple far away. You will become one with the earth there, won’t you?”

遠隔地の寺に入寺することとなった法友よ。貴君はこの大地となるのですね。    (朝の会座にて住職の言)
No. 28
The Head Priest stated at a morning assembly, “When you feel gratitude towards others you may still retain a sense of self. When you feel gratitude towards the Buddha and a sense of repentance, then you will find yourself at peace.”

相手に対する感謝では、未だ自分が残る。佛さまに対しての懺悔と感謝にならないと、本当の安らぎにはならない。    (朝の会座にて住職の言)
No. 29
On returning from her home in the countryside, a girl student said, “I realised that I had been trusting my own feelings. Now I understand that what is most important is to do for the doing throughout our daily lives.”

お寺から里に帰り、今まで感覚的なものだけに頼り切っていた、自分自身に気づきました。目の前の「行」をしていくことが最も大事だと気づきました。 (朝の座、里帰りした女子学生の言)
No. 30
A Dharma friend who died recently once remarked, “Although I understand that every moment is a parting, those who come to visit me leave saying, ‘Get well and come home.’ How sad only to be concerned with this world!”

念々に今生の別れだと思っているのに、お見舞いに来る人は皆「元気になって帰ってこいよ」と云って帰る。何と寂しいことか、この世のことばかり…。    (朝の会座、往生された同行の言葉)