221 to 230

No. 221
The Head Priest said, “When you feel ‘hollow’ inside, that is the time you really need true encounter.”

「空しい」と感ずる時、本来的出会いが求められているのです。    (住職の言)
No. 222
At the Young Women’s Meeting the Head Priest said, “When listening to the Dharma, if you think to yourself you already know or understand it, then that is dangerous. It is very important for you to listen to the Dharma with a humble attitude, always asking yourself whether your understanding of it is good enough or not.”

了解した、わかったという聞き方は危い。常に「これでいいのか」と自分に帰って、頭を下げて聞いていく姿勢が大事です。    (若婦人会での住職の言)
No. 223
The Head Priest said, “Often, because of the way we think about ‘equality’, we tend to pull others down to our level. ‘Respect’ is the opposite. When we respect others, we are aware of ourselves as individuals and we feel grateful to others for what they have done for us.”

私たちのいう「平等」は、相手を自分と同じところに引きずりおろすことになります。「敬いの心」はその逆さです。そこに個性がそなわり、「感謝」も生まれます。    (住職の言)
No. 224
At the Young Women’s Meeting the Head Priest said, “If parents are not aware of themselves, they will not be able to respond to their children with confidence. If they meet with their children whilst still remaining in darkness themselves, such an attitude on their part will cause distortion in the minds of those children.”

親自身が見えていないと、しっかり子供に接せられない。迷いながら接すると屈折した心を植えつけます。    (若婦人会での住職の言)
No. 225
At the Young Women’s Meeting the Head Priest also said, “When you speak to your children, if you are still ‘lonely’ in your own mind then, whatever you say to your children, whether you speak strictly or gently, it will weigh heavily on their minds.”

「寂しさ」があると、強く言っても、優しく言っても子供に重荷になります。    (若婦人会での住職の言)
No. 226
At the Young Women’s Meeting the Head Priest also said, “Buddhism is called ‘the way of introspection.’ What is important is to admit your inability to find your own way out of darkness. If your mind is only directed towards the outside, you will never be able to feel content but will always be full of frustrations.”

佛教は「内観の道」といわれますが、埒のあかない自分を素直に認めることです。心が外向きだと、不平や不満がつのってきて、満足を知ることができません。  (若婦人会での住職の言)
No. 227
At the Young Women’s Meeting the Head Priest likewise said, “If your mind is split in two, then those two halves will begin to battle. If you would like to attain true faith, you should try not to be two-faced.”

心が二つに分かれていると、その双方の心が争い始めます。真実の信仰を持ちたいと思うならば、裏表をつくらないことを心がけるべきです。    (若婦人会での住職の言)
No. 228
The Head Priest said, “The temple is not a ‘place’ where you acquire something by practice but a ‘place’ where you are enabled to make a resolution to take responsibility for yourself.”

お寺はあながち修行して何かを修得する「場」ではありません。自分のことは自分で責任を持つという、覚悟と決意を持たせてもらう「場」です。    (住職の言)
No. 229
At the Young Women’s Meeting the Head Priest also said, “Your courage in taking responsibility for yourself gives your children vitality.”

自分が自分の責任を取る勇気、それが子供の力となります。  (若婦人会での住職の言)
No. 230
The Head Priest said, “Making a decision is not choosing one possibility but forsaking all the others, in other words ‘entrusting oneself entirely to the Buddha’.”

決定心とは選ぶ心ではなく、捨てること。即ち「お任せする」ことです。    (住職の言)