231 to 240

No. 231
The Head Priest said, “It is because of the age we live in that we should teach children to cherish prayerful minds.”

今の時機、この世情なればこそ、「念ずる心・祈る心」を子供達に沁みこませてゆかねばならない。    (住職の言)
No. 232
The Head Priest said, “The cause of war in this world is simply our own blind passions as found in our selfish love for wife and child and for our own bodies and lives. War is the result of the internal conflict within us between love and hate.”

此世の戦争の因は、我々の愛妻愛子・惜身惜命の煩悩が根っ子です。戦いは愛憎違順の無明の結果である。    (住職の言)
No. 233
The Head Priest said, “Religion is definitely there to help us to overcome our ego. In modern times, because individuals are attached to their ‘ego’, they cannot find freedom and they become more and more frustrated. The true benefit of religion is to be found in our everyday lives.”

宗教は、何処までも自我を超えることです。現代は自我に縛られたままの個人だから自由になれない。不安がつのる。宗教の効用は足下にあるのです。    (住職の言)
No. 234
The Head Priest said, “The nembutsu of grateful response for what has been done for one is not an action directed towards others. It is the working of something beyond one’s own individual power.”

佛恩報盡の念佛とは対他的報謝の行ではない。私の力ではない用きです。 (住職の言)
No. 235
At the forty-ninth day memorial service for her husband a widow said, “My late husband encouraged me not to panic but to accept reality just as it is.”

亡くなった主人から、『今更、慌てる事はない。ありのままを受け止めて行くだけ』と、逆にたしなめられました。    (四十九日を迎えた婦人同行の言)
No. 236
The Head Priest said, “We long for something creative in which to find the meaning of life. True creativity lies in rediscovering our past, the past we were previously unable to appreciate. This awakening is a moving experience, for we have thereby transcended transmigration.”

私達は、創造的なものに、あこがれと生きがいを感じて求める。真の創造とは、見ることの出来なかった過去の発見であり、そこには輪廻を超え得た感動がある。    (住職の言)
No. 237
The Head Priest also said, “Memory is malleable, not always fixed in stone. When a memory of true encounter with others comes back to us, we find creativity.”

固着した記憶でなく、柔軟な記憶というものがある。人との出会いの記憶、それがよみがえってきた時、創造がうまれる。    (住職の言)
No. 238
Returning from London, Reverend Kemmyo T. Sato said, “The service of chanting sutras that unites the voices of both priests and lay people reverberates in a refreshing way. It is such a ‘selfless’ voice. The service sounds like a whole ‘multitudes of holy beings in the Pure Land’ serving the Buddha.”

僧俗一味の勤行の響きは新鮮で、まさに「無我」の声であり、佛様にひたすらお仕えする浄土の聖衆の声と聞こえました。  (ロンドンより帰国の顕明師の言)
No. 239
The Head Priest said, “If you do not become awakened now, your past will remain forever lost. But it can also be said that when your past returns the present too will be revealed.”

「今」目覚めなければ、過去も甦らない。同時に、過去が甦る事によって現在が開かれてくる。    (住職の言)
No. 240
Professor John White from the U.K. said, “What we call imagination and creativity is bringing together two things that were already there but not brought together before.

「そこにあるがいまだひとつになっていないもの。それがひとつになることが創造である」。    (英国のジョン・ホワイト教授の言)