301 to 310

No. 301
The Head Priest said, “The key to the regeneration of Japan is the restoration of family life.”

日本再生のキーポイント。それは家庭再生である。    (住職の言)
No. 302
Former Primate, Konyo Shonin, said, “Unless you take responsibility for yourself, you can never receive the merit of Other Power.”

自分自身の責任を取らない者は、他力の功徳を得られない。 (聞如上人からお聞かせに預かった興如上人のお言葉)
No. 303
The Head Priest said, “Our way of seeking after truth in daily life is to transform ourselves through personal encounter with those around us. This is not only our training but also our goal.”

我々の日常の求道は、身近な人に出会い、心が転じていくこと。それが修行であり、即ち証しである。    (住職の言)
No. 304
A Dharma friend said, “Our former Master, Daigyoin-sama, did not ‘preach the Dharma’ but talked about ‘his joy in meeting the Buddha’.

先師・大行院様は、「法を説く」ではなく、「佛に遇った喜び」をお話しされた。 (お同行の言)
No. 305
Reverend Kojun Shinohara said, “The day my mother became my mother is my birthday.”

母が母になった日が私の誕生日。 (孝順師の言)
No. 306
The Head Priest said, “Because the Original Prayer is the prayer that benefits others as well as the self, if you ask solely for your own salvation, you will be unable to encounter the Buddha. Unless you care for others, you will never be able to find your own salvation.”

本願ということ自体が、自利利他の願いなのだから、自分ばかり「助けて下さい」という要求をしても、佛様には出遇えません。人様を思うことがなければ……。    (住職の言)
No. 307
A girl student living at the temple said, “Putting my trust in the temple elders, I entered the temple. I cannot really tell you what the temple is like yet, but at least I would like to take responsibility for saying the word ‘yes’ right up to the very end.”

ご先達のお言葉を信じて、お寺に入らせて頂きましたが、ここがどういう所なのか、今もその答えは見つかりません。しかし、「はい」とこたえた、この自分の責任だけは最後まで全うします。    (寺内止住のある女学生の言)
No. 308
A middle aged Dharma friend declared, “Previously I made up my mind to do everything I could with single-mindedness in order to show gratitude for all that had been done for me. Certainly that decision was an important step for me. But my decision to include that which might seem almost impossible was a further, even more important step.”

御恩報謝のために、『できることからさせて頂こう』と一途に思いました。それは確かに大事な一歩ではあったけれども、『できないことでもさせて頂く』という決心が、私にとって大事な二歩、三歩でありました。    (ある壮年同行の言)
No. 309
“I now understand how, just as my mother protected me, so my grand mother used once to protect my mother.” A young girl listening to her mother give a talk of thanks a session of introspection.

母が私を守ってくださっていたように、母に対して祖母も同じように接しておられたのを知りました。    (母の聴聞御礼を聞いた娘の言)
No. 310
“When I pronounced the nembutsu, I was awakened to the joy of life for the very first time since being born into this world.” A Dharma friend at a morning assembly.

お念佛申して、「生」を受けた喜びに始めて気づかせて頂きました。    (朝の座にてお同行の言)