331 to 340

No. 331
“Throughout his life Shinran Shonin always paid attention to the examining the ‘faith of self-power’.”  Head Priest.

No. 332
“The value of our memories depends on how deeply they are connected to our actual current environment.” Head Priest.

現実環境と如何に深く関係しているかが、記憶の価値を決定しているといえます。 (住職の言)
No. 333
“Introspection means ‘infinite self-examination’. It reflects the working of ‘Other Power’.” Head Priest.

内観の世界とは「無限反省」のこと。ここを「他力」というのでしょう。    (住職の言)
No. 334
“However hard you may work for something, if you feel you are doing so at someone else’s urging, then you are actually still ‘unfree’.” Head Priest.

何を一生懸命やっても、動かされているという感覚があるのはやはり「不自由」というものでしょう。    (住職の言)
No. 335
What we call freedom is usually ‘freedom from something’, that is freedom in the Western sense. True freedom is actually the complete extinction of ‘unfreedom’. When it is attained, you can feel contentment and gratitude.”  Head Priest.

我々の言っている自由は、西洋的自由の「~からの自由」です。寧ろ、不自由さを感じなくなることが、本当の自由。そこから満足が生まれ、感謝の心が生まれます。 (住職の言)
No. 336
“A place in which to listen to the Dharma will only functions in a lively manner if there are people willing to work very hard in the care of others.” Head Priest.

聞法の場が生きてくるのは、人のために一生懸命、お世話をするという「人」と「行」があるところです。    (住職の言)
No. 337
“As I live my life my desire is to be constantly aware of my selfish way of looking at things.” Follower living at Kasugayama.

私心に気づける私でありたいと歩んでいます。    (春日山住人の言)
No. 338
“When on a visit to my old home I unintentionally revealed to my elderly mother the depression that had been building up within me for so long, she said, ‘This suffering is evidence that you are now living your life, isn’t it?’ On hearing her speak this way, I felt as if I had been awakened.” Woman living at the temple.

里に帰って、日頃鬱積した愚癡を老母にフト漏らしたら、母は「その苦しみが生きてる証拠じゃないの」と言いました。そのとき何か眼が覚めたような気がしました。 (寺内止住のH婦人の言)
No. 339
“Wishing to listen properly, I concentrated on the Head Priest’s Dharma talk. In the end, however, and despite my best efforts I was unable at the end to capture the meaning of his words. After the talk I confided this to the Head priest himself but he simply replied, “Don’t worry yourself about it, your body will surely have taken the meaning in.” Woman living at the temple.

今日はしっかり聞こうと、ご住職の法話に意識を傾注しましたが、意識とは裏腹に結局は分かりませんでした。法話後、そのままをご住職に申し上げましたら、「心配しないで下さい。間違いなく身体が聞いていますから」と言ってくださいました。 (寺内止住のH婦人の言)
No. 340
“Accepting my own karma. That is the root of faith.” Representative trustee of Shogyoji Temple.

自分の業を受け入れる。そこが信心の根。    (責任役員の言)