371 to 380

No. 371
“There is neither birth nor death. The world where I now find myself is beyond birth and death! It is really ‘four dimensional’! For me this is the only reality. I feel so blessed to live in this world.” Dharma friend recently discharged from hospital.

生も死もない、それらを越えて生死がひとつになった世界、ああ四次元だなあ。私の現実はここしかない。こうした世界に居らせて頂く至福の時を頂いています。  (ある同行の退院御礼)
No. 372
The following refers to a layman’s awareness of the sin of ‘receiving gifts undeservedly.’ “Despite the fact that my upbringing meant my receiving immeasurable gifts from a great teacher, Dharma friends and parents, I have not attained true faith. I am such a sinner.” Young man in his twenties.

在家的虚受信施の自覚……。「善知識・ご先達・お同行の皆様や両親から、無量の施物を受けてお育て頂きながら、真実の信を取ることもなかった罪人が私であった」。    (二十代の青年の自省)
No. 373
“It could be said that it is to my friend, who has been instructing and guiding me with such kindness, that I owe an even greater debt than to my teacher.” “How sad I am to be awake all through this dark night, unable to consult the right person about my thoughts!” Tanso Hirose, a Confucianist leader of the Edo Period.

ねんごろに教え導く友達は師匠に勝る恩というべし 思うこと問うべき人に問いもせず暗夜過ぎる人の哀れさ    (広瀬淡窓:いろは歌)
No. 374
“I always used to think of Daigyoin-sama as a historical figure. But now I have actually seen for myself the workings of his great design in the way Andrew-san has come from London to undergo an introspection session (Chomon) after having searched after truth for so long.” Dharma friend recently discharged from hospital.

大行院様を歴史上の人物と思っていたが、ロンドンから求め求めて来られたアンドリューさんの聴聞の姿に、大行院様の御足を拝んだ。    (ある同行の退院御礼)
No. 375
“Love in itself is not something bad. But if you wallow in it, it can turn into something that is not good. If you have some principle in mind, love will not drown you.” Joshin Matsunaga, priest of Shogyoji Temple.

恩愛は悪いことではないが、そこに沈むことがいけない。これだけはゆずれないという所を持っていれば沈むことはない。    (「蘇光館」会座で浄信師の言葉)
No. 376
“When I was given The Shinshu-seiten (The Shin Buddhist Sacred Book) in 1985, the Head Priest inscribed in it the words ‘Isshin (One Mind)’. This was because to receive One Mind of Great Compassion from the Tathagata and my Master was to be my task for the rest of my life. ” Koichi Fujisawa, Dharma friend at the Sokokan Eza.

昭和六十年に「真宗聖典」を賜った時、ご住職にお書き頂いた言葉は、「一心」でした。それは如来様、善知識様から廻向して頂く大悲の一心を頂くことが私の一生の課題だからでした。    (「蘇光館」会座にて藤沢孝一氏の言)
No. 377
“With the wisdom of our predecessors in one hand and with the real world and its vision of the future in the other, we should walk on our way, solving problems without any attachment to form.” Motomi Oguchi, garden designer.

先人から伝わった過去の知恵を手に、もう一方の手には、現実と未来を持って、形にしばられる事なく、悩みながら歩くことです。    (造園家・小口基實氏の言)
No. 378
“Recently I was allowed to have an exhibition of my photography. At that time I found that art has meaning only when it is seen by people.” Student staying at the temple.

写真展を開かせて頂きました。自分が撮った写真ですが、芸術も人に見て頂いて、はじめて成り立つものだと気付かせて頂きました。    (寺内止住の大学生の言)
No. 379
“After the death of my wife I spent one and half years doing nothing worthwhile. Now, however, I have found fresh purpose in daily life doing things such as cooking, washing and cleaning.” Gentleman living at Hinosato.

家内を亡くして無為の日、一年半後、家内の残していった炊事、洗濯、掃除といった日常的な事柄がとても新鮮な生きがいを感じるようになりました。  (日の里在の男性)
No. 380
“When we become ill we want to be cured through treatment. However, it is when we are ill that we seek after truth most seriously. Therefore, although being cured is certainly a happy thing, it is regrettable that we forget bodily pain so quickly.” Head Priest.

病気になると治癒を望みますが、病んでこそ、身にしみる求道ができるという事があります。治癒は嬉しいことですが、一方で身体が痛みを忘れてしまうという悲しさも持っています。    (住職の言)