381 to 390

No. 381
“Previously I had always thought that what was important was to create things one by one. I was taught, however, that what was really important was to chip away at my selfishness little by little.” Girl student returning to the temple from Tokyo.

私は一つ一つ作り上げる事が大切だと思っていました。しかし、日々コツコツと我を崩していく事だと教えていただきました。忘れない言葉となりました。    (東京から帰寺した女子学生の言)
No. 382
“My husband was facing death because of his illness, but until it was pointed out to me, I wasn’t aware of my own foolishness. Having returned to the Samgha, I have now regained my senses and reencountered my husband. The nembutsu pours forth with my repentance.” Female Dharma friend from Kansai District.

夫が病で死に直面しました。しかし、ご指摘いただくまで、自分の考え違いに気付きませんでした。今、僧伽に帰り、自分を取り戻し、夫と新たに会い得て、申し訳なさにお念佛します。    (関西同行の婦人の言)
No. 383
“I was simply in search of something that bit extra special. In retrospect, however, I came to see that what the unflagging efforts of my parents and predecessors had built up for me was the very foundation of my life. My time at the taya would remain meaningless unless I gratefully acknowledged this fact.” Dharma friend whose illness had almost proved fatal.

華々しい事に目が向いていました。しかし、思えばこの人生の土台、舞台は両親はじめご先達の永いご苦労によって、作り上げていただいたものでした。ここに頭を下げる以外に多屋生活はありません。    (九死に一生得た関西同行の言)
No. 384
“When a report on the introspection session (Chomon) was made in London for the first time, participants at the meeting were moved to tears. The Chomon system bequeathed us by Daigyoin-sama represents the culmination of the long history of Mahayana Buddhism.” Kemmyo Sato, Director of Three Wheels in London.

ロンドンにて初めて英語で聴聞の報告がなされ、皆涙を流して感動されました。大行院様にお遺しいただいた「聴聞」は、長い大乗佛教の流れの精華だと思います。    (ロンドン三輪精舎主管の顕明師の言)
No. 385
“My parents showed me a sheet of paper on which numerous Chinese characters had been written and told me my grand father had chosen my name from those characters. I was moved to tears and thought of all the Samgha had done to educate me to a level that allowed me to feel gratitude in this way. ” Girl student at the temple after brief trip home.

祖父が何十もの字から私の名前を選んでいただいた下書きを両親から見せてもらいました。涙がこみ上げました。そして、こうして感謝できる自分に育てていただいた僧伽の御恩を思いました。    (帰郷していた寺内止住の女子学生の言)
No. 386
“Had I not suffered I would never have been given the opportunity to experience an introspection session. I was reminded of my parents’ words, ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn’. ” From a letter by an English participant who underwent an introspection session for the first time.

苦しみがあったからこそ「聴聞」の機会を得ることが出来ました。両親がいつも「夜明け前が一番暗いんだよ」と言っていた事が思い出されます。    (英国より初の聴聞者の手紙)
No. 387
“On retiring from my company after working for thirty-five years, I visited my late son at the Memorial Hall and spoke of my retirement. At that time the evening temple bell resounded. Today I am finishing my service to the company and starting my training in the way of faith.” Dharma friend who has recently retired.

三十五年勤めた会社を、昨日無事定年退職、二十年前に十三才で亡くした息子に納骨堂で報告しました。ちょうど夕時の梵鐘が鳴り渡りました。そして、今日が会社卒業、信心入門の日だと思いました。    (定年退職した同行の言)
No. 388
“At a meeting we were holding for craftsmen, a lacquer master told us, ‘Whilst absorbed in kneading lacquer, I come to wonder if I am kneading lacquer or lacquer is kneading me.’ It seemed to me to be a truly harmonious fusion.” Young Buddhist sculptor.

職人を囲む会で漆の名人が「こうして漆を練ると、私が漆を練っているのか、漆に私が練られているのかわからなくなります」と言われました。これが本当の「融和」という事だと感じました。    (若い佛師の言葉)
No. 389
“I became so ill that my parents started to prepare for my death. Eventually, however, I returned to the temple to recuperate, but the Head Priest said to me, ‘Your mind hasn’t come back yet.’ Through my experience at the Introspection Session I found that it was my mind which had been ill.” Dharma friend having undergone an Introspection Session.

親にわが子の死を覚悟させる程の病になりました。養生と心得、お寺に帰ってきました。しかし、ご住職より「心は帰ってきていませんね」と言われました。聴聞をさせてもらって、心が亡んでしまっていた事に気付きました。    (聴聞者の言)
No. 390
“Hold onto the way of sincerity even if it leaves you frightened and exposed. Nothing that the truth (Dharma) can destroy is worth keeping.” From a letter of encouragement written by an Englishman to his friend undergoing an Introspection Session.

どんなことでも真実(法)を前にして破壊されるものは、保つに値しません。 (英国人の聴聞者に対して、英国の友人から励ましの手紙文中)