401 to 410

No. 401
In the past I used to think that whilst I was really myself when healthy, I became a different person when ill. I considered those two states as quite separate, in fact. Now I have discovered both are parts of my true self. ” Young priest.

健康な時が自分、病んでいる時は自分とは別、と切り離していました。しかし、そのどちらもが自分そのものでした。    (若僧分の言)
No. 402
“Because there is death there is life. It is vitally important we live life in constant awareness of death. Dr. M lived his life to the fullest extent, burning his life’s energy right to the very end.” Former Head Priest of a neighbouring temple.

死あって生あり。死を見つめながら生を生きることほど尊いものはない。人生を精一杯生き、最後まで命を燃やし続けたM先生だった。  (隣寺の老住職の言)
No. 403
“Having grown up without any true encounter with my parents, I found I remained like a child. Neither respecting my husband nor serving my parents in law, I was really very much in the wrong. Through my daughter’s introspection session, however, I myself, burdened with such karmic transgressions, was saved by the Buddha when I recited the nembutsu.” Mother who was moved to tears to witness her daughter undergo an introspection session.

親との真の出会い無く育った私の姿が、実は子供の姿でした。主人を拝まず、義父母に仕えず、本当に罪造りの張本人の私でした。その罪を娘の聴聞で念佛もろとも受け取って頂きました。    (娘の聴聞に涙した母親の言)
No. 404
“All you students of our Spring Assembly (Haruango) at Shogyoji, you understand now why your parents have brought you here. It is so that the Temple can help you solve your own personal karmic burden, a burden far heavier than those used roofing slates from the Main Hall that your carried today.” Old priest at the temple.

あなた方、安居生が運んだ本堂の瓦以上に重たいもの、あの瓦以上に重い私たちの業を、親がお寺に届けて下さっていたのですよ。    (老僧分の言)
No. 405
“Our life is a heavy load. The weight of life is the weight of karma. If we remain heavily burdened as though bearing some huge boulder, we cannot help but sink into the water. But when we are taken onto the raft of Namu-amidabutsu, then we can cross to the other shore. How grateful we are for such an encounter!” Old priest at the temple.

私たちの命は重い。命の重さはまた業の重さでもあります。石ころそのままの自分だけだったら水に沈むだけだが、南無阿弥陀佛の板切れに乗せていただくと沈まずに、岸に渡らせて頂く。何と有り難いことでしょう。    (老僧分の言)
No. 406
“As beings we are like bits of slate or rubble. It is because our Samgha, the earth on which we live, keeps moving that our minds, too, can change and move forward. As the earth of the Samgha on which we stand moves forward, so our minds like little bits of slate or rubble move forward likewise. What a wonder it is!” Old priest at the temple.

瓦・つぶてのような自分でも、心が動いたということは、載せて貰っているサンガの大地が動いているからです。震動しているサンガの大地に身を寄せれば、どうにもならない石や瓦が動く。不思議なことです。    (老僧分の言)
No. 407
“Now I understand the meaning of the word ‘fire’ in the phrase ‘to pass through the flaming fire of the Chiliocosm.’ It refers to the flame of my desire that controls my entire existence, causing in me a tendency to use even my Dharma friends’ expression of faith to help me take a step upwards.” Woman in her twenties from the Kanto District.

「たとひ大千世界にみてらん火をもすぎゆきて」の「火」とは、お同行のお披瀝さえも、自分のステップ・アップに利用しようとする、私のすべてを支配している「欲の炎」のことでした。    (関東の二十代の若婦人の言)
No. 408
In the eyes of the Buddha we are each of us complete. The object of the Buddha’s teaching is to remove piece by piece all that still remains in our bodies of a superfluous nature. For this purpose I do service morning and evening.” His Eminence, Reverend Jung-woo, at Guryong Temple.

佛様から見れば我々は皆完成している形です。完成した身体の中に、要らない部分一つひとつ取っていくことが佛様の教えで、一つひとつ不要な部分を取る為に、私は毎朝夕のお勤めに遇わせて頂くのです。    (韓国・九龍寺住持、頂宇猊下の言)
No. 409
“An English lady I met in London said that although she wanted to visit Shogyoji, as her youngest son was not grown up yet, she was afraid of flying. Hearing her speak like this reminded me of how much I, too, had been loved and protected by my parents and of all they had done for me. ” Girl student who had participated in the Spring School.

「日本の正行寺には参詣したいが、万一の事を考えると子供が小さいので飛行機に乗るのが恐いです」と、三輪精舎参詣の英国のご婦人が言われた。これを伺っ て、両親の命懸けのお守りの「ごおん」を感じさせて頂きました。  (ロンドン・スプリングスクールに参加の女子学生の言)
No. 410
“I was moved to tears to see my son given new life and hear him vow to be together with his bride even beyond the end of this life. The bride brought me the blood-line of the nembutsu.” Father whose son has been educated at the temple for the last year.

蘇生の喜びを述べて、偕老同穴を誓った息子の結婚に涙しました。嫁は私に念佛の血を運んでくれていました。    (子供を一年間、寺内でお育て頂いた父親の御礼)