411 to 420

No. 411
“Worry and care are different. I now understand worrying is only protecting oneself.” Girl student who attended the Spring Assembly.

「気を遣う事と、思いやる事とは違う。気を遣う事は、唯、自分の身を守っているだけでした」。    (ある女子春安居生の言)
No. 412
“I experienced a great many encounters while at Three Wheels. Guided by one of my predecessors, however, I became aware that these encounters were limited to my narrow, preconceived world. True encounter is not about gathering information but about becoming one’s true self just as one really is, awakened to the fact that others wish us to be happy.” Priest who had stayed at Three Wheels.

「三輪精舎」では沢山の出会いをさせて頂きました。しかし、それは狭い自分の世界を前提にしたものであった事に先達のご指摘で気づきました。真実の出会い とは、情報を集めることではなく、自分が裸になり、誰もが願われている存在である事に気づくことでした。    (三輪精舎に止住した僧分の帰国披瀝)
No. 413
“I was proud that I had led my friend to the temple and I asked him to return to this country after having attained pure faith in Japan. I was, however, completely wrong. It was him who was walking in front of me. I am sorry.” Englishman who heard his friend talking about his experience of Chomon (introspection) in Japan.

私には彼をお寺へ導いたというプライドがありました。そして日本へ向かう彼に信心をいただいて帰ってきて下さいとも言いました。しかし、それはとんでもな い間違いでした。彼の方こそ、私の前を歩いて下さっている人だったのです。申し訳ありませんでした。  (日本での聴聞から帰国した友人の披瀝を聞いた英国人の言葉)
No. 414
“The meaning of The Eitaikyo Ceremony (Memorial Service for Ancestors) lies in understanding our ancestors’ hearts through our whole being.” Former Head Priest of a neighboring temple.

「体の中に先祖の心を聞き入れることが永代経法要です」。  (ご隣寺・明光寺前住さまの言)
No. 415
“New shoots of faith grow from the real activities of lay people. The saying, ‘Our tradition is created by lay people,’ refers to exactly this point.” Head Priest.

信心の新しい芽は、在家の実働のところに萌えてくる。当流は「在家にて建立」とはここである。    (住職の言)
No. 416
“It is said that if one were to trace one’s direct ancestors back for the last two thousand years, they would number some two hundred million. That being so, our common inherited DNA could be referred to as ‘our natural climate.’ ‘The Analects’ being part of this natural climate, it follows that we are perfectly able to familiarise ourselves with the traditional way of reading them aloud.” Dharma friend who attended a meeting to read ‘The Analects’.

私のルーツとなる両親を2000年さかのぼると20000万人になるのだそうです。そうなると受け継がれてきたDNAは、もう風土としか呼びようがありま せん。従って、『論語』の素読が理屈抜きで腑に落ちるのは、この風土の中に『論語』が流れ込んでいるからではないでしょうか。    (『論語』素読法座でのあるお同行の言)
No. 417
“A ‘taya’ house is a place where our karmic problems cannot be left unsolved.” A senior person’s words remembered by a student of the Spring Assembly.

多屋は「業」を曖昧に出来ない処です。    (春安居生の心に残った、ご先達の言葉)
No. 418
“In my little world I have always considered myself as being number one. From now on, however, I would like to foster a way of thinking that puts others before myself.” Student who took part in the Spring Assembly.

自分の中では、いつも自分が一番でした。これからは、人の事を一番に考える心を育んでいきたいと思います。    (ある春安居生の言)
No. 419
“We can think of our lives as falling into three distinct periods, each lasting around thirty years. The first period we spend in preparation, in the second we get down to the serious business of living life and in the third we hold ourselves in readiness for the journey to the Pure Land .” His Eminence, Reverend Jung-woo at Guryong Temple.

我々は人生を考える時、約三十年を一世代として考えてゆきます。第一期は準備する人生、第二期は一生懸命生きる人生、次に第三期はお浄土へ行く用意をする人生です。    (韓国・九龍寺住持、頂宇猊下の言)
No. 420
“Wood is a living material. First of all we have to understand its character. There is a part of wood that cannot be used. In order to protect the wood against splitting, we remove the core of the wood or cut along its side.” Master woodcrafter in Kyoto.

「木は生きています。まず素材の性質を知らねばなりません。木にはあて(木材として使われない部分)があります。木も人も同じですね。木の割れを防ぐには、芯を抜くか、背割りを入れます」。    (京都の木地師の言)