421 to 430

No. 421
“What is important is not only what we should do but our attitude of mind when doing it. This being the case what we should do is bow to others and humbly ask them questions .” Young priest.

何をするではなく、如何なる心でさせて頂くか。そこには頭を下げて聞かせて頂くだけ。    (ある若僧分の言)
No. 422
“Although Yi Toegye, the famous Korean Confucian master, was not himself a fortunate man, he treasured his wife throughout his life. Whenever he came across any of his friends being unthoughtful towards their wives or quarreling with them, he would offer them sound advice. I have heard that in such cases his friends would repent their behaviour.” Dharma friend who went on a journey to Korea, entitled ‘A Trip to See the History of Buddhist Transmission’.

韓国の儒学者、李退渓先生は不幸な方であったが、奥様を生涯大事になさった。夫婦和せず家内を顧みない友人があれば、これを諭し、その先生の心に触れた友人は悔い改めたとお聞きする。    (韓国・安東に「佛教伝来の旅」をしてきた地元青年部の同行の言)
No. 423
“A whole year has passed since my first Chomon (Introspection Session). Something immutable from that time has remained in my mind: an awareness of all the care and protection afforded me by my good teacher and Dharma friends. In an opposite position to this is my own poor reality.” Boy student who took part in the Spring Training Assembly.

聴聞させて頂き一年が経ちました。それから自分自身の心の中で変わらないものがあります。それは善知識、お同行の方々の長いお育て、お守りの御恩です。その対極にあるのは、あまりにもお粗末な私の実体です。    (春安居生の男子学生の言)
No. 424
“Despite the fact that a ‘taya’ house is a place where the nembutsu is constantly at work, it is very difficult for me to bear my loneliness. It is only through my good teacher and Dharma friends that I am able to reach a peaceful world.” Boy student who took part in the Spring Training Assembly.

「多屋はお念佛がいつもはたらいて下さっている場であるが、その中でも、独りで踏みとどまることは難しい。善知識様と、一緒に歩いて下さるお同行があって初めて、速やかに安らかな世界に至ることができる」と。    (男子安居生の言)
No. 425
“The most important thing is that you should have your own master and be able to put any question you like to him with complete open-mindedness. It is through encounter with your master that your learning and thought can be brought to maturity.” Senior Priest who participated in the Spring School in London.

「何よりも大切なことは、お師匠さんを持つこと、心を開いて何でもその方に聞いてゆくことです。お師匠さんとの出会いの中でこそ、学びも思惟も成就していきます」と。  (ロンドン・スプリングスクールに出向の老僧分の言)
No. 426
“The story of my life is not simply my own creation but the outcome of the workings of an unfathomable force. I have acquired a great new way of understanding history more flexibly.” Student who participated in the Spring School in London.

自分の歴史は決して自分ひとりで創られるものではなく、自分の知らないところからのはたらきでできてくる。そういう柔らかな歴史をロンドンの地で、あらためて感じました。    (ロンドン・スプリングスクール生の言)
No. 427
“After being told at this year’s Eitaikyo Ceremony that we should treasure the practices of good teachers, I can see now that this particular good teacher’s practice is the working of Great Compassion and Commiseration.” Priest who attended the Eitaikyo Ceremony.

この度の永代経で「善知識の行がある」とのお言葉を拝聴しましたが、私は今、「善知識の行は大悲憐愍の行」だと思わせて頂いています。    (永代経での僧分の言)
No. 428
“I have discovered that prior to what I myself may have done there are all those things that have been done for me.” Young priest.

自分がやったことよりも、ごおんの方が先だった。    (ある若僧分の言)
No. 429
“Unless the reality of my own existence is illuminated by the Light of the Buddha I will have no place to which to return.” Head Priest of another temple.

私自身の実体が照らされる以外に私の帰り場はない。    (あるお寺の住職の言)
No. 430
“It is through confrontation between parent and child that the inheritance of the nembutsu is passed on.” Head Priest of another temple.

相続とは、親と子の対決。    (あるお寺の住職の言)