431 to 440

No. 431
“What allows me to live my life best is ‘the Great Practice’ [of the nembutsu].” Head Priest of another temple.

自分自身を最高に生かして頂いている。これが「大行」。    (あるお寺の住職の言)
No. 432
“Daisetz T. Suzuki translated the term ‘daigyo (great practice)’ as ‘Great Living’.” Priest at Shogyoji Temple.

鈴木大拙師は「大行」を「Great Living」と英訳された。    (ある僧分の言)
No. 433
“I recall the words of my late father, ‘Whenever you talk you only speak ill of others or take too much pride in yourself.’ ” Traditional member of the temple.

「お前は口を開けば人の悪口か自慢話しかしていない」と、亡き父(僧侶)の言が思い出される。    (ある門徒の言)
No. 434
Asked by a young priest as to when the custom of making the Flower Shrine [to celebrate the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha] had first started an elderly lady replied, “I remember my own grandmother making this shrine.” Traditional female member of the temple who has been involved in the making of the ‘Flower Shrine’ for the last fifty years.

「釈尊降誕会のお花御堂作りは、いつから始まったのですか?」という若僧分の質問に対して、「私のおばあちゃんが作っていたのを覚えています」と。   (お花御堂を作り続けて五十年になる、ある門徒のお婆さんの言)
No. 435
“Whenever I try and ask my friends to listen to me talk about myself, it takes all my courage to do so because I feel so ashamed of myself. Thanks to such talks, however, I have come to have a lot more insight into myself.” Young female follower.

自分の話をし、聞いて頂く事は、本当に恥ずかしいですし、勇気がいります。でも、おかげで、自分が見えて参ります。    (若婦人の御礼)
No. 436
“What I saw constantly in front of me as I was walking on the White Path were the figures of all of you walking just ahead of me. From every direction, left and right, it was the nembutsu of all my Dharma friends that I heard there.” Dharma friend who stayed for a long time at the temple because of her illness.

刻々と白道を歩む私の先にあったのは、皆様の後ろ姿であり、右を向いても、左を向いても、どこを向いても、そこにあったのは御同朋、御同行のお念佛でした。  (病を得て、長期寺内止住された同行の言)
No. 437
“I have felt that wherever there is an active Samgha people of pure faith come into being and Buddhas too.” Dharma friend who participated in the May Training Session held in Kansai District.

「僧伽の活動がある処に、人が生まれるし、佛様が生まれるのだなあ」と思わせて頂きました。    (病を得て、長期寺内止住された同行の言)
No. 438
“Unless we follow the example of our late Dharma friends, stoke the fires of our faith ever more vigorously and constantly seek to make new Dharma friends, we won’t be able to repay our predecessors.” Head Priest.

先に亡くなっていかれたお同行のお心を継ぎ、信仰の火をかき立てかき立て、新たなお同行が次々と誕生していかなければ、ご先達に報いることは出来ない。    (住職の言)
No. 439
“Only after I fell ill did I finally come to understand that unless I could be purified not only in body but in mind as well, I could never hope to re-encounter my parents.” Dharma friend after her operation.

病を得てはじめて、体だけでなく、心垢が洗われなければ、父母に会い得ぬ自分と知らせて頂いた。    (手術後のお同行の言)
No. 440
“When I came to think about how much love and care I had received, all of my inclinations to make excuses miraculously evaporated.” Priest from another temple.

お育てのご恩を思った時、不思議と言い訳の心が治まった。    (外来法中の言)