481 to 490

No. 481
“It is because we realize how we have come to know Three Treasures that we really appreciate the immeasurable depth of our encounter, our karmic meeting.” Head Priest.

三宝にお遇い出来る身を知ってこそ、人生の出会い、巡り会いの深さを知る。 (住職の言)
No. 482
“We recognize and respect others. Henceforth we discover ourselves, other people and the land on which we live.” Senior priest at the temple.

人が人を認め、敬う。そこから自分と他人と国土が見出される。  (寺内老僧分の言)
No. 483
“Hearing the expressions of thanks uttered by those priests who had just received the transmission of the traditional ceremonial service to Amida Buddha (Kokushikidenju), made me understand the true meaning of the way in which the Head Priest has very humbly been serving the Buddha face to face.” Dharma friend at Kasugayama.

ご僧分が国式伝授を習礼された後のお礼を聞かせて頂いた時、阿弥陀様と真正面に向かい合われる、御院家様のお姿の根本を伝えて下さるお言葉と頂きました。  (春日山同行の言)
No. 484
“When we sincerely desire to listen to the Dharma and understand who we are by listening to all Buddhas, our Dharma friends, talking to us, all this fulfills the activity of benefiting oneself and benefiting others. The essence of the Samgha lies in this fact.” Head Priest.

僧伽の本質は、心から聴聞させて頂きたいと至心に発願して、諸佛同行から自分自身を聞かせて頂く。そのことが自利利他の成就となることです。    (住職の言)
No. 485
“It took a certain amount of courage to speak about my innermost thoughts at Dharma meetings. I was greatly relieved, however, to find all of you accepting these problems as if they were your own. I feel that the words voiced in tonight’s talk, ‘[Buddhas] become one with sentient beings by softening their glorious light’ constitute the skilful means, the working of great love and compassion, of you who are all Buddhas.” Young woman.

法座で自分の内面を話す事には大変勇気がいりました。しかし、皆さんに自分自身のこととして受け取っていただき、今まで感じた事のない安心感にひたりました。御法話の和光同塵とは、諸佛である皆さんの大いなる慈悲方便のお働きと思いました。    (ある若い婦人の言)
No. 486
“Having undergone the chomon (introspection session), I feel very strongly that our Samgha is a place where the more deeply I become aware of my karma, the more love and compassion I find myself receiving.” Young Dharma friend living in a taya house.

聴聞をさせて頂き、気付いた業が深ければ深いだけ、この僧伽はそれに応じた大きなお慈悲を賜る所だと実感しています。    (多屋止住の若い同行の言)
No. 487
“There is a much loved horse called Haruurara whose popularity has been increasing every time it loses a race. Last December the horse became enormously celebrated when it recorded its hundredth successive defeat! Rennyo Shonin states, ‘You should attain faith by yielding to others. It is only by receiving the Buddha’s great love and compassion that you can acknowledge defeat in logic and overcome your feelings of obstinacy.’ What a wonderful message that it is when we attain faith by yielding to others that we receive the Buddha’s merits.” Senior priest at the temple.

No. 488
“There is a Western proverb, ‘Men control the world and women control men’. Is this the reason why [for Prince Shotoku] his wife, mindful of wisdom, was Mahastamaprapta Bodhisattva?” Senior priest at the temple.

「男は天下を動かし、女はその男を動かす」とは西洋の箴言。定慧の契女が大勢至たる所以か。    (寺内の老僧分)
No. 489
“If, despite the amount of times you meet together, you remain unable to encounter the workings of the nembutsu, that is a very serious matter. You should not find yourself satisfied merely with the warmth of the meetings or the bright atmosphere of the Samgha. Diligence in service to the Buddha, infinite joy beyond this world and the purity of the Pure Land should also be manifest.” Head Priest.

いくら会合をしても、念佛が聞こえて来ないのは問題だ。ミーテイングの和み・僧伽の明るさだけで安心してはならない。勤行にいそしむ心、限りない超世の喜び、清浄な浄土が現れてこなければならない。    (住職の言)
No. 490
“Even if we see people as true children, those who have never been awakened to ‘true parenthood’ will only revert to their original parental relationship, restricted by selfish love and affection.” Venerable Daigyoin Reion Takehara’s Dharma words.

……真の子の様に接してみても、真の親をもったことなき子は、恩愛親に帰る計りなり。    (大行院法語)