501 to 510

No. 501
“Faith is something that has to be transmitted through people. The Buddha-dharma cannot be passed on, if it is merely dealt with verbally or dogmatically. For there is no warmth in that.” Senior priest.

信仰は「人」を通して伝わっていくもの。ただ「法」のあやとりだけでは冷たくて温かみがなく、佛法は真に伝わらるものでない。    (老僧分の言)
No. 502
“Our parents are Buddhas manifesting themselves temporarily in one form or another in order to keep taking care of us.” Senior priest.

仮に佛様の代わりとなって様々な相を現し、私の相手をして下さる方が親。 (老僧分の言)
No. 503
“Objectively speaking, that person may refer to some truth, but the problem is what sort of standpoint he is based on in asserting his truth. It is very important for us to be aware of our own standpoint, whatsoever it might be, ‘being’ or ‘non-being’.” Senior Dharma friend.

その人は確かに「真理」を言っているのかも知れない。しかし、当の本人は有か無か、どの立場から言っているのかが問題である。……    (ある先達の言)
No. 504
“There is no part of me that is really mine, neither my body, nor my mind. When I return to my parents, filled with gratitude for all they have done to raise me, I am relieved of my loneliness.” Senior Dharma friend.

この私の体も、心も、どの一つをとっても、自分のものではなかった。親の御恩によってお育て頂いたという感謝に帰るとき、初めて孤独から解き放たれる。    (ある先達の言)
No. 505
“Declaring ‘I have no need of Buddhism or the nembutsu’, we may ignore the need for religion. What we cannot ignore, however, is the ending of our lives. ” Senior Dharma friend.

「宗教なんて! 念佛なんて!」とこちらは無視しても、命のご催促は無視できない。    (ある先達の言)
No. 506
“In the Chapter of ‘Doubts’ in The Larger Sutra of Eternal Life we read the following: ‘Those who have doubts fail to see or hear the Three Treasures.’ Because their eyes and ears are veiled by their attachment to the karmic law of good and evil, deeply embedded in their original nature, those that have doubts cannot see all the Buddhas and the Dharma that fill their surroundings, nor can they hear the voices of good teachers preaching. Eventually they find themselves unable to have any true encounters with those around them, whether they be parents or children, brothers or sisters. They fail to recognise how much they are helped by others to live their lives and in turn fail to see how they themselves can help others live their lives. Such a realm is called the World of Idleness or the Womb.” Senior priest at the temple.

『大無量寿経』の疑惑段に「三宝を見聞せず」とある。人間の本性に巣くう善悪・罪福の心に眼や耳が覆われて、自分の周りに充満している佛・法の存在が見え ず、僧(善知識)の説法が聞こえない。結局、親子兄弟、周囲の人との本質的出遇いがない。従って生かされていることが分からない。だから、他を生かしてゆ く働きがない。この世界を懈慢界といい、胎生という。    (寺内老僧分の言)
No. 507
“Someone once said, ‘Life is like a manuscript where the mistakes can never be erased.’ This unerasable karma of mine! The Larger Sutra of Eternal Life says, ‘Evildoers continue to commit evil, wander from suffering to greater suffering and enter from darkness into even deeper darkness. Who knows this? Only the Buddha.’ Nowadays, with a sense of shame, I simply go on living my life dressed in the robe of repentance.” Senior priest at the temple.

「人生は訂正することのできない原稿」と言った人があった。校正がきかない私の業報……。経には「悪人は悪を行じて、苦より苦に入り、冥より冥に入る。誰 かよく知るものぞ、独り仏の知りたまふのみ」とある。ああ恥ずかしいと、日々に慚愧の服を着させて頂く今日この頃。    (寺内老僧分の言)
No. 508
“Those that love others but not their own parents can be classed as immoral.” From The Book of Filial Duty.

「其の親を愛せずして、他人を愛する者、これを悖徳と謂う」。    (孝経)
No. 509
“I make cows eat grass, children drink their milk.” From One Sheet Dharma Teaching by Venerable Daigyoin Reion Takehara.

「親牛に草をくわせて子は乳を呑む」    (大行院『一枚法語』)
No. 510
“Simply polish your mind and visit your spiritual friends, then you will find both good and evil as mirrors [to reflect yourself in].” Quotation from Rennyo Shonin.

みがけただ心のともをたづぬれば よきもあしきもかがみなりけり    (蓮如上人の金言)