51 to 60

No. 51
A temple follower murmured, “How happy I feel since coming to live in a taya house! I feel an unimaginable sense of gratitude.”

「多屋に止住してからというもの、自分が自分で幸せだなあと思えることが、何とも不思議で有り難い……」。    (ある同行の言)
No. 52
A priest at the temple said, “True peace cannot be achieved by conflicts. There can be no other way of solving a problem than for both sides to learn to be grateful to one another.”

本当の平和は、戦争からは生まれない。解決するには、お互いに「おかげさま」という心になる以外にない。    (寺内僧分の言)
No. 53
At a monthly meeting a temple follower said, “My late mother not only gave birth to me but also left me a priceless treasure, a place where I can listen to the Buddha-dharma.”

亡くなった母は、私をこの世に生んでくれた上に、無二の宝である「佛法聴聞の場」を遺して逝った。    (聖人御逮夜での同行の言)
No. 54
At a morning assembly a priest said, “True harmony can never be brought about by the conflicts of those who assert themselves against one another.”

真の「和」とは、自己を主張するもの同士の争いからは、決して生まれない。 (晨朝会座にて寺内僧分の言)
No. 55
At a morning assembly a priest said, “A taya house is a spiritual clinic where those filled with blind passions come to be cured.”

多屋は煩悩成就人の治療所である。    (晨朝会座にて寺内僧分の言)
No. 56
The Head Priest said at a morning assembly, “True peace is none other than the attainment of inner peace by every single one of us. It is the Original Prayer of the Buddha.”

一人一人、心が安らかになることが、本当の「平和」。そこに佛様の願いがある。    (住職の言)
No. 57
A priest chairing a meeting said, “Kimyo (taking refuge) means to return to the fundamental principle of human existence, namely taking full responsibility for our present problems.”

帰命とは、目の前の問題から決して逃げないという、人間の根元に帰ることだと頂かれます。    (会座司会者の言葉)
No. 58
A music teacher from the Imperial Palace pronounced, “It is because Gagaku Music has no specific goal it is striving towards that it has been handed down through the generations.”

「雅楽は到達点がないから、伝承されて来たのです」。    (宮内庁の先生の言)
No. 59
The temple-keeper (wife of the Head Priest) said, “On watching a priest at his temple joining ceremony I shared with him the joy of serving the Buddha.”

「入寺式におけるご僧分の姿に、佛様にお仕えすることの喜びを感じました」  (坊守様の言)
No. 60
An English Dharma friend wrote, “Witnessing the joyful activity of Shogyoji Temple from afar I feel a great hope that one day the small but strong seedling of Three Wheels (a branch temple in London) will develop into a great Bodhi Tree akin to its parent.”

今はまだ小さな苗木が、やがてその親に似た大きな菩提樹に成長する日が来ることを、私は祈念します。    (英国よりの法便の言葉)