521 to 530

No. 521
“To follow a good teacher’s instructions is to follow Amida Tathagata’s summons.” From The Collection of the Sayings of Venerable Kojuin.

善知識の仰せに従うが、弥陀如来の仰せに従うなり。    (大行院様が拝読をお勧めになっている『香樹院講師語録』より)
No. 522
“In our lives as long as we are sailing along freely in a fair wind, we regularly pay respects to the Buddha. When serious problems occur, however, we should continue to try and do so.” Young priest.

自分の人生が思い通りにいって、順風の時は、いかにも恭敬をささげているようであるが、問題が起こった時にこそ、それを貫かねば。    (ある若僧分の言)
No. 523
“I always assume that it is I who have been thinking of you with loving kindness. Eventually, however, I come to find that nobody has been thinking of me more in fact than you have. This wonder is Namu-amida-butsu.” Senior priest.

「あなたのことを思う」ということは、取りも直さず、私の思いやりであるが、それがやがて「あなたほど私を思ってくださる方はいなかった」と、驚き立つ心が南無阿弥陀仏である。    (老僧分の言)
No. 524
“It is because we reach that depth of experience in which we are illumined by Amida’s ‘One Mind’ merit-transference that we are able to gain the fundamental power that allows us to really make an effort in everyday life. But we are only able to do this through encountering ‘a good teacher’.” Head Priest

努め励む根本の力を得ることは、ご廻向の「一心」に照らされた深さに触れるからであり、それは善き人に会わせて頂く以外にない。    (住職の言)
No. 525
“The expression ‘becoming Namu-amida-butsu’ refers to the inconceivability that a child (sentient being) becomes one with the parent (Amida Buddha) through receiving the Buddha’s Prayer.” Head Priest.

南無阿弥陀佛になることは、子どもが佛の願いを頂いて、親になる驚きです。 (住職の言)
No. 526
“People usually hope they won’t die until the moment they actually do so. They keep on thinking they will recover right up to the very end of their lives. Then, when they reach the point of no return, they are utterly dismayed. ” >From The Collection of the Sayings of Venerable Kojuin.

死ぬまで死ぬまい死ぬまいと思うている。臨終までよくなろうよくなろうと思うている。もうかなわぬと云うとき、始めてうろたえる。    (大行院様が拝読をお勧めになっている『香樹院講師語録』より)
No. 527
“When you come across the death of another, let it be a warning of your own.” From The Collection of the Sayings of Venerable Kojuin.

人の死ぬるは、我が身の死ぬる御知らせぢゃと思え。  (大行院様が拝読をお勧めになっている『香樹院講師語録』より)
No. 528
“Nembutsu followers are foremost in their readiness for death.” From The Collection of the Sayings of Venerable Kojuin.

死に際のいさぎよきは、念佛行者より外はない。    (大行院様が拝読をお勧めになっている『香樹院講師語録』より)
No. 529
“What is termed ‘the accumulation of good karma (shukuzen in Japanese)’ does not refer merely to past actions. Today’s listening to the Dharma becomes tomorrow’s shukuzen .” From The Collection of the Sayings of Venerable Kojuin.

宿善とは過去世のことのみでない。今日の聞法が明日の宿善となる。    (大行院様が拝読をお勧めになっている『香樹院講師語録』より)
No. 530
“When I breathe in air I do not usually feel gratitude to it and when I gulp down water I do not think how much I owe to it. Likewise, even though I am blessed with having parents, I fail to appreciate how much they have given me.” Senior Dharma friend.

空気がある時は、空気の有り難さがわからない。水がある時は、水の有り難さがわからない。……親がいても、その御恩がわからない私。    (ある老年同行の言)