581 to 590

No. 581
“It is because of my selfish nature that I have been busily trying to mould people around me to my own image.” Young priest at the temple.

自分の型に、まわりをあてはめようとする根性が、私の本性でした。  (ある若僧分の言)
No. 582
“I felt nothing but animosity towards my mother-in-law before she died. Now I realise it was only because she felt responsible for me that she was such a worrier even about little things such as the way I held my chopsticks. I was far too arrogant.” Woman Dharma friend.

生前の義母に、私は反発ばかりでした。本当は私のことを心配して、責任を持って下さって、箸の上げ下ろしまで心を砕いて下さっていたことに、今気づかせて頂きました。思い上がっていた私でした。    (ある婦人同行の言)
No. 583
“I always used to think of the nembutsu as some sort of formula one recited in the expectation of obtaining relief from suffering. When I was taken seriously ill, however, and was rushed to intensive care by ambulance, I found myself, after I came to again in bed, pronouncing the nembutsu for the very first time out of pure gratitude.” Young Dharma friend.

お念佛は、自分の苦しい時に、「何とかしてくれ」という気持ちでとなえるものなのだと思ってきた。しかし、重病を得て、救急車で運ばれて、集中治療室へ、やがて病室で目が覚めた時、「ナマンダブ」と初めて感謝のお念佛が出てきて下さった。    (ある壮年同行の言)
No. 584
“I was taken aback when a priest said to me one day when I happened to leave my shoes without turning them properly, ‘You may not be able to put on your shoes again when you leave unless someone turns them around 180 degrees for you.’” Dharma friend.

あるご僧分が、ご本堂の入り口で、私の脱ぎっぱなしの靴をご覧になって、「この靴は誰かが一八〇度回転させてくれなければ、次に使えない」と仰った時、ハッとしました。    (ある壮年同行の言)
No. 585
“I found the words of the former Supreme Primate’s wife extremely moving when she said, ‘Autumn leaves are lit up and warmed by the sun, coloured and scattered. I too would like to lead a life like that’.” Young priest who visited Higashi Honganji Temple to attend the Hoonko Ceremony.

「『秋の木の葉が太陽に照らされ、色付いて、散っていく。そのような人生を送りたいと思います』という大裏方さまのお言葉に感動しました」。    (御本山報恩講に上京した若僧分の言)
No. 586
“Watch our Head Priest when he is doing service inside the shrine and you will see how deeply he bows, with his forehead touching the floor, whenever a letter is read out from The Letters by Rennyo Shonin. We should all bow as deeply as the Head Priest and not just stick to the rules of etiquette taught in the traditional Tea Ceremony.” Senior priest.

御内陣出仕のご院家さまを見てごらん。『御文』のとき、畳に額がつくまで頭を下げておられるよ。茶道で教えられる行儀の型にとらわれずに、私たちもご院家さんの通りに頭をさげなければ……。    (ある老僧分の言)
No. 587
“Although I may be called a professor, what I am actually doing all this time is simply researching into a tiny handful of molecules out of the teeming hundreds of millions that exist.” Professor N. who attended the Hoonko Ceremony for the first time.

「学者」といっても、何億という分子のうちの、ほんの一つか二つかを研究しているだけなんです。    (報恩講に初参詣されたN先生の言)
No. 589
“Those advisers who talked with me during my introspection session also cried together and suffered together with me.” Person who had gone through an introspection session.

お話しして下さる方が、一緒に泣いて下さって、一緒に苦しんで下さいました……。    (ある聴聞者の御礼)
No. 590
“Everyone is equal in that they have one father and one mother. Yet we still complain about inequality saying, ‘Although my friend A’s father is wise, my father isn’t and that’s why I am such a failure.” Senior Dharma friend.

一人のお父さんと、一人のお母さんを必ずどんな人でも持っていることは平等であります。しかし「友達の某君のお父さんはとても頭がいいけれど、うちの親父 は頭が良くない。だから、俺はこんなにうだつが上がらない」と愚痴って、どうも不平等ばかりが気になるのが我々です。    (あるご先達の言)