61 to 70

No. 61
The Head Priest said, “The most important element for awakening or giving rise to the bodhi-citta is motivation.”

発心、菩提心のいのちは動機。    (住職の言)
No. 62
Reverend Kojun Shinohara stated in the Dharma talk he gave at the Eitaikyo Ceremony, “Shakyamuni’s Buddha Way starts and ends with appreciating what has been done for us.”

釋尊の佛道はご恩に始まり、ご恩に終わる。    (永代経法話における孝順師の言)
No. 63
The Head Priest of Kyoganji Temple said in his Dharma talk, “When I was told that part of my robe was torn at the back, I realised that I had been walking throughout life entirely unaware of my own back.”

御衣の背中のほころびを教えて頂いた時、我が身の後ろ姿は見えないまんま、歩いているんだなと思った。    (永代経法話における教願寺さまの言)
No. 64
The Head Priest of Kyoganji also said in his talk, “With each breath of the nembutsu we feel how precious life is.”

一息一息のお念佛の中に、大事な命を賜っている。 (永代経法話における教願寺さまの言)
No. 65
A father talked to his twenty year old daughter dying of cancer, “Thank you for everything you have done. I hope that you go to a good place (meaning the Pure Land). I will surely follow you.”

「御苦労さんやったな…ありがとう…いい処に行ってくれよ…わしも必ず行くからな」    (永代経法話において教願寺様が紹介して下さった、二十歳の娘さんを癌で亡くした父親の言)
No. 66
A saying by a senior scholar quoted by Reverend Josen Matsunaga in his Dharma talk during the Eitaikyo Ceremony: “The words through which I am taught are warm but those through which I teach, it sounds to me , are cold.”

教える言葉は冷たい、教えられる言葉は温かい    (永代経法話において浄泉師が紹介して下さったある先学の言)
No. 67
The Head Priest said, “We have a tendency to think that, if we gain something through our actions, then what we are doing is useful. It is very bad that we forget the persistent nature of our karmic self like this.”

何か得るものがあったら、役に立っていると思います。変わらぬ本性を忘れることは、恐ろしいことです。    (住職の言)
No. 68
The Head Priest of Kyoganji Temple said, “When you repeatedly say that you are unable to listen to the Buddha-dharma, it must be caused by your selfish concern and attachment.”

佛法が聞こえない、聞こえないと云っている自分は、自己執着をしているのでしょう。    (教願寺さまの言)
No. 69
The Head Priest said at a meeting, “Teaching takes on form and all form is destined to fade away. The historical view of the Right Dharma-age, the Semblance Dharma-age and the Last Dharma-age refers perhaps to this fact of impermanence. If you experience true encounter, however, you will feel no fear or anxiety.”

教えは姿かたちになり、かたちあるものは必ず滅びます。正像末もそのことをいうのでしょう。しかし本来的出会いがあれば不安はありません。    (会座にて住職の言葉)
No. 70
The Head Priest said, “The most important thing for us is a change of attitude. Rather than being content to suffer just as we are, we should want to listen to the Buddha-dharma in order to solve the problems we face, however trivial they may seem.”

日常の苦しみを「放置しておくこと」を改め、どんな小さなことでも発心して「聞いていく」姿勢が大事。    (住職の言)