621 to 630

No. 621
“Mindfulness” in the context of Shin Buddhism means that the Buddha is always mindful of me rather than that I am always mindful of the Buddha.” Head Priest.

「憶念」は、私が思い続けるというより、私が思われ続けているということ。  (住職)
No. 622
“Today is the day you depart from your selfish way of living and start to learn the Dharma through concentrated listening right up to the very end of your life.” Words spoken by a young priest to another young man who had just finished his introspection session.

今日は、自分の我を貫こうとする人生に別れて、どこまでも聞かせてもらう人生のスタートです。    (一週間泊まりがけの「聴聞」を終えた青年へのことば)
No. 623
“I said to my daughter, ‘I pruned pine trees today in the temple grounds with Dharma friends,’ to which she replied ‘Oh, I wish I’d come with you.’  The experience of staying at the temple with my daughter like this has been exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to all your help and support I haven’t wasted a single moment of my time here. Throughout our stay your kindness towards me has been far greater than I deserve.” Spoken by an American lady who had spent a week at the temple with her daughter.

「今日は松の剪定をしたわ」と言いましたら、娘が「私もやりたかったわ!」と申しました。…ずっと願ってきたことが叶いました。お蔭様で一日も無駄のない、もったいない滞在でした。    (アメリカより母娘で来寺、一週間ほど滞在した婦人)
No. 624
“It can be said that Shin Buddhism is a way of living where the Buddhist truth is proved through marriage; without the Buddhist truth our married life would lack fulfillment.” Words of a senior priest living in the Chikugo area of Fukuoka Prefecture.

浄土真宗は、結婚を通して、佛道を証明する歩みであるといえましょうし、また、佛道がなければ、私たちの結婚は成就しないのです。 (筑後の御老院)
No. 625
“If you continue to say the nembutsu throughout your life, your sorrow will shine just as it is and your suffering too will shine just as it is.”  Words of a senior priest from the Chikugo district of Fukuoka prefecture.

お念佛を通せば、悲しみは、悲しみのまま、光る。苦しみは、苦しみのまま、光る。 (筑後の御老院)
No. 626
“Without becoming Namu-amida-butsu itself you will be unable to meet any Buddha at all.”  Words of a senior priest from the Chikugo district of Fukuoka prefecture.

南無阿弥陀佛を抜きにして、いかなる佛様もありません。 (筑後の御老院)
No. 627
“Originally a human being is lonely. When you become aware of and confront this original loneliness, you come to realize for the first time how much you have been supported by many people. On reaching this stage your loneliness turns into repentance and gratitude.” Young priest

もともと人間は孤独なのです。その本来の孤独を正面から見据え、自覚した時、はじめて自分がどれだけ多くの人に支えられてきたかと感じます。そのとき、孤独は懺悔と感謝に転じます。    (若僧分)
No. 628
“He who would tell a lie can never comprehend the teaching of the Buddha.” Senior priest

ウソをつく人には、佛様の教えは、わからんよ。    (老僧分)
No. 629
“It is because you are not fully aware of your own nature that you are easily deceived by others.” Senior priest.

人に騙されるのは、自分の本性を知り抜いていないから。    (老僧分)
No. 630
“The Buddha is there wherever I go and loves me better than I do myself.” A Korean monk.

おられないところがなく、私よりも私を愛して下さる、佛様。    (韓国僧)