691 to 700

No. 691
There is a sense of purity about Shogyoji Temple that I have come to see stems from the spirit of voluntary service that has been animating traditional followers and Dharma friends. (One Dharma friend)

お寺の中がとても「清浄」に感じられるのは、門信徒の方々の奉仕作業の魂がこもっているからだとわかりました。 (あるお同行の言葉)


No. 692
The deeper I go into the Buddha Dharma, the more keenly I feel my own insufficiency. (One Dharma friend)



No. 693
I have just discovered that the very words of Dharma friends are sacred teachings for me. Sutras were formed in this way, weren’t they? (One priest)



No. 694
I have come back to the Shogyoji Samgha after an interval of one year.
I was so surprised to find that my mind was just like a dried sponge needing to absorb a lot of water.
(Words spoken by a mother who returned to Shogyoji Temple from Hong Kong to attend the Summer Training Assembly.)

一年ぶりに僧伽に帰省しました。いつの間にかカサカサに乾いていたスポンジが、こんなに沢山の水を欲していたのだと自分の心に驚きました。 (香港から錬成会に参加した母親の言葉)


No. 695
It is Dharma friends that help me realise things I have not yet been awakened to. For me this is invaluable. (A priest)

私が何に気づいていないかを、お同行は教えてくださいます。このことは貴重です。 (ある僧分の言葉)


No. 696
On returning to Shogyoji Temple, I received a warm welcome from my Dharma friends and some of the older ones offered me a chair in the Buddha Hall. My eyes filled with tears as the feeling overcame me that my mother, who passed away last year, was somehow waiting for me here in this Samgha.  (A lady visiting Shogyoji Temple from Tokyo)
多屋の皆さんに「おかえりなさい」と迎えて頂き、本堂ではご年配の方々が椅子を譲って下さいました。昨年亡くなった母は、この僧伽で私を待っていて下さったのだと思うと、涙が流れて仕方ありませんでした。 (東京から参詣のあるご婦人の言葉)


No. 697
Just as communication is recognised as important in the modern society ingeneral, the importance of effective communication in helping a Samgha move forward in its task of imparting the Buddha Dharma cannot be stressed too highly, and it is in a Taya house that communication is practised in its most concentrated form.   (Head Priest)



No. 698
In order to progress beyond a dualistic way of thinking it is vital to realise that the mere fact of being guided by a good teacher means we are already embraced in the Buddha’s Light. It is important to remind ourselves why we are here by returning to the starting point of our own awakening of faith.
(Observation made at a meeting at Seiwa Taya)

二元が一元になるには、善知識に導かれて、光に照らされている実感を持つことが肝要。今、何故、ここにいるのかという原点にもどらないといけません。 (清和の会にて)


No. 699
Whatever it is one is engaged in, I think it is very important to be aware of one’s own personal attitude to things and so I try and open my mind to the opinions of others by asking Dharma friends around me to listen to me speak about my problems.  (Observation made at a meeting at Seiwa Taya)

私は、何をやるにしても、どういう心でやるのかを明らかにすることが大切と思っています。そのためにも、まわりのお同行に聞いて頂き、開放していくことを実践しています。 (清和の会にて)


No. 700
Merely paying respect to an object cannot be called respect in the true sense. Only when we become aware of how ignorant we ourselves are, can we really come to respect all those around us going beyond our self-centredness. (Head Priest)

尊敬の対象を尊敬するのが、尊敬ではありません。「自分は至らないなー」と実感する時、全ての方を尊敬しています。 (住職の言葉)