721 to 730

No. 721
Tears welled up in my eyes whilst listening to the Dharma talk given by the Supreme Primate of our tradition at the ceremony for the 750th Anniversary of Shinran Shonin – tears of neither sorrow nor joy but simply of incredible warmth. (Female Dharma friend)



No. 722
Being rather proud of my culinary skills, I used to think that as far as cooking at a Taya house was concerned, the best thing was to create something nice and tasty in as short a time as possible. Recently, however, I have learned the vital importance of cooking together in harmony with others.
(A lady resident at a Taya house.)



No. 723
Regarding the Wasan-ko meeting, it was just so lovely seeing the various members of my family, who for the most part lead such very separate lives, reunited on this very special occasion that I almost forgot the essential fact that a priest had been taking the trouble to visit my house for that precise purpose.
(An impression expressed in an email of thanks after a Wasan-ko meeting.)



No. 724
If people are ordered to hold a meeting, they may not work together with much energy. But if they get together of their own accord, then the ideas will fly. (Head priest)



No. 725
The phrase ‘to enjoy doing wrong’ refers to a mental attitude that insists ‘I am not in the wrong.’ (Head priest)



No. 726
Do you have anything to prove who you are?
You have your name, your address, your date of birth.
And all these were given you, were they not?
(A priest)



No. 727
The direction our spiritual lives should take is to strive to benefit self and others at one and the same time. (Head priest)

私どもの歩み(修行)は、自利利他円満を目指すべきもの 。(住職の言葉)


No. 728
The fulfilment of the ‘truth’ of the Tathagata is manifested in us ignorant beings as our own repentance of ‘untruth (falsehood).’ (Head Priest)



No. 729
In life to encounter the true Dharma and a good teacher is a very rare opportunity. (A Dharma friend from the U. K.)



No. 730
It is through continuous encounter with a good teacher that we are awakened in the light of the Buddha-Dharma to our own ignorance and insincerity. (A priest)