81 to 90

No. 81
The Head Priest said, “A person who really takes responsibility for his own actions does not complain. Such a person does not go on repenting the past.”

本当に責任を持つものは愚癡を云わない、また過去の悔恨を口にしない。 (住職の言)
No. 82
The Head Priest said, “Everyday activities at taya houses vary according to those who live together with us. What is important is to hand down those wonderful activities to our descendants. The essence of those activities is quite simply listening to the Dharma in daily life.”

毎日の多屋活動は、相手によって変わり、これを子孫に伝えてゆくことであり、要は毎日「聞いてゆく」ことに極まる。 (住職の言)
No. 83
The Head Priest said, “True encounter is always fresh, new and peaceful.”

No. 84
The Head Priest said, “Those who can impart a sense of peacefulness to others and who always come into contact with them in a fresh and lively way could be called true Dharma friends. That is what is meant by Namu Amida Butsu.”

相手に安心感を与えつつ、いつも新鮮な接し方が出来る人こそ、本当の同行。それが「南無阿弥陀佛」の意でもある。 (住職の言)
No. 85
A lady who had joined the Seiwa Taya said, “While doing daily service to the Buddha, I’ve come to realise that my way of seeking truth has been like that of a snake in a hole, a snake already living in one hole but still looking for another to hide in. Living in this taya has enabled me to stop escaping into these holes.”

「お勤め」の時、私の求道姿勢は、蛇が穴にはいっているようなものと知りました。穴に入っても尚、別の穴を探している。その穴を塞いで下さるのがこの多屋。  (清和多屋に入ったあるご婦人の言)
No. 86
Mrs Hiroko Sato in London said, “I recently went back to see my father who was terminally ill in bed. Having cared for him for two weeks, the one thing that really stays in my mind is quite simply my parents’ warmth towards me – such an unfilial daughter who has never done anything for them in turn.”

重病の父の許に里帰りした。二週間看病したつもりが、今心にあるのは親不孝の私に対する父母の温もりだけです。 (ロンドン在の博子さん)
No. 87
At the May Training Assembly held at Entokuji in Nagano, the Head Priest of Shogyoji stated, “The environment changes human beings and at the same time human beings can change their environment.”

環境は人を変える。人も環境を変え得る。    (長野・圓徳寺における五月講習会にて)
No. 88
Reverend Josen Matsunaga said, “The Larger Sutra of Eternal Life states, ‘Each person in the Pure Land radiates light for a whole fathom around their body.’ If we each take responsibility for the world in accordance with what we are able to accomplish by our own two hands, then we will progress beyond loneliness.

「身光一尋」自分の両手をひろげた範囲に責任をもつ時、さびしさを超えていける。 (会座にて寺内僧分・浄泉師の言)
No. 89
The Head Priest asked, “Why should we listen to the Buddha-dharma?” Answering, “Because we would never be able to solve our problems if we merely lived our lives on a worldly level.”

なぜ佛法を聞いていかなければいけないか。人生では解けないからです。  (住職の言)
No. 90
The Head Priest said, “I hope parents will teach their children that they shouldn’t impute fault or failure to anyone but themselves, otherwise such children will not be capable of taking responsibility for the problems they themselves create around them. If you realise you are responsible for your birth in this world, then you will be able to understand everything.”

親として子供に人のせいにしないことを伝えたい。そうでないといくつになっても自分の問題にならないからです。生まれて来たのは、自分の責任なのだと思えたら、全てが聞こえてくると思う。    (住職の言)